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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rollin' With My Homies

How wonderful is it to be so blessed that time is spent with amazing people, learning new things and experiencing life!  I am working on "receiving" things more and one thing I am doing is to notice and acknowledge the things I experience and am blessed with.  My focus is to notice the "touching human experience and moments" that abound in my life.  Here are some of them.

This past month has been an eventful one for us: I was hired and started my first year of teaching theatre, Emily is growing and learning new things daily (I love these months of discovery children have!), Brook is speaking in complete sentences and using the potty a little bit, and Josh started his 7th year teaching.

This year, I am teaching one Theatre II class and two Theatre I classes.  I love the students and I am learning so much daily.  I am co-directing the musical, Oklahoma!, and we are getting the pre-production work done, auditions in November.  Josh is teaching all 9th grade this year, with a couple honors sections.  He is enjoying it so far, and he is also learning much.  He is also the sports coordinator (or something like that--I can't remember the exact title) and the chess team coach.

Brook is a riot!  She is such a great big sister and she is learning how to communicate better with us and others.  She knows the alphabet, counts to 10 without help and sometimes even higher, sings songs she's heard (Gotye "Somebody I Used to Know is my current favorite) and dances all the time.  Of course, she has her sad or angry moments, but we are working even now with her to communicate with us and to allow herself to experience the emotion.  Here is a video of her skipping the other day.

Emily is growing strong!  Two weeks ago she rolled over from front to back and this week she has "gone full circle", if you will, and can now roll from back to front, even going back-front-back.  So awesome.  Here is a video of her rollin' wonders!

We are truly grateful for all we receive.  We love you all!  Thanks for reading.

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