Josh, Emily, Brook, Kristie, 40 Horse Cave, Nov 24, 2012

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blessing and Fun

Brooklyn Marie Wallace was blessed last Sunday by her daddy. It was so special! We only wish that everyone could have been there. We are grateful for the love and support we have received from so many awesome people we are blessed to know! She wore the same blessing dress and booties I wore over 28 years ago when I was blessed. How cool is that? I'm going to scan a picture of me in the dress when I can borrow it from my mother so everyone can compare her to me:)
Taking her blessing dress off it got caught on her head.
Her cousin Luke wanted to read some books to her while Grandma post helped. Luke would go through the book and when he finished it he would close it and say "Amen!" Too cute. He dotes on Brook.
Here she is with her Great-Grandma "Nan" Post.

This week has been so much fun. Brook is started to react socially and it makes her awake time all the more entertaining (though I have to admit sometimes just watching her sleep can be pretty entertaining).

I also found out this week that I lost one of my friends. It is a testament to me that the Lord sends people into our lives to help us along our paths; I met her during Spring Term and had two classes with her and she acted in one of my scenes I directed. I know she is one of the kindred spirits sent to touch my life. She was an amazing woman, and inspiration to me and I will miss her dearly. Life is beautiful. We need to embrace it.

Here is an icky picture of a recent neighbor to move into our complex. It's body is at least 1 inch from bum to head. Eeewwww! I get the creepies every time I look at it.

Here are a couple of pictures from a recent outing with my sister Melissa and our nephews: Nick, Parker and Lucas. We went to the Temple Quarry in Little Cottonwood Canyon where the granite was taken to build the Salt Lake Temple. In the first picture they are standing in the river bed that floods with winter run-off every spring but, obviously, dries up at the end of summer. The big stones are granite.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Brooklyn...the full proprietor of my time

Here are some more pics of Little One.

Her first ride in her swing. (Thanks Tracy!)
She has Josh eating from her hands!
This is the only dress that kind of fits her. This was taken her first day going to church a couple of weeks ago. Cute face, huh?
Her first outing to nature. Silver Lake, Brighton.

Sticking her tongue out at Grandma Wallace.

With Grandpa Wallace
This morning, waving at the camera.
Which one looks more tired?

Here's a video: Gabbers and Hiccups