Josh, Emily, Brook, Kristie, 40 Horse Cave, Nov 24, 2012

Monday, September 7, 2009


So we are both back in school and getting used to this lifestyle again. I am teaching 9th and 7th grade this year, and Kristie is taking a full load of classes at BYU. She is working less than before and taking 16 credits. It makes for a boring home life because all she wants to do is study and all I want to do is plan lessons.

We wanted to include a couple of pictures from our recent trip to Zions Park and St. George. We were there for a total of three days. We went to Snow Canyon on the 10th, Zions and a Shakespeare play on the 11th, and Kolob Canyon on the 12th. When in Zions we found a little friend. He was particularly fond of Kristie. She was okay until he wasn't satisfied just being on her shoe. He started up her leg and that was when she knew she had had enough.