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Friday, April 23, 2010

Ultrasound Update: 21 weeks and counting....

I did not mention this in my last blog because I had not yet discussed it with my doctor. During the ultrasound it was discovered that the umbilical cord only has one artery and one vein (normally 2 arteries and one vein). This occurs in 5-6% of all pregnancies. The ultrasound doctor did not give me a lot of information regarding the affects of this, but my doctor did call me the day after the ultrasound to talk about it. Unfortunately I was in a class and missed her call. We played phone tag for a week until I was able to talk to her yesterday.

She had nothing but reassuring information for us. She said that most babies with this "condition" are fine, and since the rest of the ultrasound was normal and looking great, she did not have much concern. What will be done is an ultrasound every month from here on out to measure the growth of our precious baby girl, which the doctor anticipates to be fine, as well as weekly fetal monitoring from 34 weeks until the end of the pregnancy. She said that it is unlikely to cause any problems with the baby, but the monitoring will make sure that the blood flow stays normal and that the fluid around her does not change.

I have had some very faith-promoting and wonderful experiences as I have been guided in my personal gospel and scripture study since finding out about this. I know that this baby girl is a blessing and is very special, that Heavenly Father is excited and joyful for Josh and I to be parents, and that my understanding and testimony of the Atonement is and will continue to be a strength to me.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010's beginning to look like a baby!

A week ago today we went to get our first ultrasound! It was incredible. What was I expecting the baby to be, boy or girl? Well, to honestly answer, a girl. However, the week leading up to the ultrasound I was beginning to wonder if it might be a boy. I know that is what Josh wanted, a boy, though when we were first talking about getting pregnant he said he wanted a little girl. So, as I lied on the table, stomach all gooped up, rolling thingy pressed firmly against my already weak bladder, I was not too surprised by what I saw.

The technician when straight for the good stuff to reveal the all to present question: so...what is it? When she found the proper view, looking up at the tiny bottom, I knew exactly what I was looking at. She asked "so any guesses as to what you're having." Josh just looked at the screen, looked at me and smiled, like he had no clue what he was looking it. I said, "well, not really...." when in fact I did. She then said "It's a girl" and the phrase "I'm a girl" was placed on the image. IT'S A GIRL!!

It was an incredible experience to finally "see" the baby. It was a little strange to see her moving so much, and hear the technician comment on how active she is, but not being able to feel the movement. That has changed in the past week. I can feel her moving more and more. Kicks, punches, flips. There have been a few times I have been sure that Josh would be able to feel the bumps on the outside, but he has not felt it yet...soon, though, very soon.

It was fun telling everyone what we were having. It seemed everyone "knew" what we would have, and some "knew" what they wanted us to have. My dad was positive it was a boy. So positive that when I told him over the phone we found out he said "it's a boy" I said, "no, it's a girl," he replied "a boy then." He has said that ultrasounds have been wrong before, I think to make himself feel better. My mom also said it was a boy, though she was holding and looking at the images from the ultrasound. No, Mom, it's a girl. "Oh!" she exclaimed! "Can I go shopping now?"

Needless to say, we are very excited and look forward to meeting this precious angel.

I finished with all my finals yesterday afternoon and I have some time off, until next Tuesday when Spring Term starts. I am only taking 3 classes and I will have a lot more time to rest. The play finishes this week, which is always a bitter-sweet experience. Josh has a state debate competition tomorrow and then his schedule should get a lot better as well.

We miss all of you and hope all is well in your lives!

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