Josh, Emily, Brook, Kristie, 40 Horse Cave, Nov 24, 2012

Monday, November 29, 2010


Yes, yes. It's true. Not even 3 months old and Brooklyn is giggling. She just loves life too much to not enjoy every second of it. Here is a video of her laughter. Enjoy!!!

Gratitude, Beauty, Family and Icy Roads

We are so grateful for our families and for the blessing they are to us! We have been given so much and we are grateful to share it with so many amazing people.

This past week was an amazing time for us! We were able to spend a little time with almost everybody! Last Sunday (Nov 21) we braved the snow and made our way up to Boise. Even with the road conditions, the snow and the scenery was gorgeous and it made for pretty drives. The 5 hour drive to Boise turned into a 6 1/2 hour drive because of the icy roads--note: we did not hit snow until Josh was driving (tee-hee). We had one very close call where two cars were stopped on either side of the freeway with a small space between them. Josh said that he was on ice and expertly "slid" the car between the two other ones. Our angels were working overtime for us.

Monday morning we woke up and drove yet again in the snow to see Sandy in La Grand (that is Spanish for "The Grand:P), Oregon. It was fun spending time with the Nelson bunch. I loved their cute house they are living in and I am totally jealous of Bella and Ashes' bedroom. On Tuesday we went back to Boise and spent time with the Grandparents and Tracy's family. (Isn't it funny once you have a child they expect to spend time with their grandchild...oh, and some time with you?) We had so much fun being with them.

Wednesday on our way home we were able to stop in Burley and see a small portion of the Lindsay clan. We loved seeing everyone and it was especially nice to meet Kevin and Debbie who were in town to visit for the holiday.

Thanksgiving day was at the Post house and we had a blast eating, playing games, coloring turkey pictures, eating, laughing and eating.

Here are some pictures of the week's adventures and of the views we saw during our travels.

Gorgeous sunset on the drive home to Utah.

Brooklyn with Tracy
Road between La Grand and Boise. I love the perspective the picture gives and it looks pretty, though Josh was white-knuckled as he drove.
This is a wonderful red brick church in front of where Sandy and Rick live. I loved the red brick and the white trimming. Couldn't resit the photo op.

Brooklyn and Bella...two gorgeous girls!
Brooklyn with Ashes...and red eyes.
Sunset pic taken from the car. While I was driving I made Josh take pictures of the prettiness around us; this is one such picture.
Kellie and me at Michael Dowdle concert. He's an amazing guitarist and it was a fun concert.
Brooklyn with Josh as he plays a video game. We have recently rediscovered our X-Box.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tricks and Treats

This week has been of changes and check-ups. Brooklyn had her 2 month check-up on Tuesday. She is a good weight (9 lbs 1 oz), head circumference is great and she is still really tall (23 3/4 inches long). And, of course, she is still gorgeous!!! She also had her immunizations which made for a fussy afternoon but with the shock of the shots, the pain and the infant Tylenol we gave her she slept 10 hours Tuesday night...not straight, but total. It was glorious! I have not slept that much in months; Josh, on the other hand, had a normal sleeping night.

We also decided to move Brooklyn over to her bedroom and crib this week. The first two nights were a little more difficult, but she is used to the new space and both she and I seem to be sleeping much better (again, Josh sleeps know how he is, but we still love and adore him!). So, our transition is complete and was a lot more smooth than I was expecting, which is fantastic!!

We had a blast this Halloween. The Thursday before we went over to the Post house and carved pumpkins. Josh helped Parker clean this beast of a pumpkin out (well, Josh cleaned it out and Parker watched repeating the phrase "I'm so proud of my big boy" referring to the pumpkin not Josh). Melissa, my little sis, then carved the smallest pumpkin and wanted to put it in the teeth of the large one, but ended up putting it on the inside which was equally cool!

My mom helped 4-year-old Lucas put Mr. Potato Head faces on these pumpkins. Trust my mom to come up with things like that.
This was my pumpkin I carved. I decided to do Jack Skellington, which I think turned out well.
Since I only get a couple of short years before Brooklyn tells me what she wants to be I decided she should be Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender (the T.V. show not the horrible movie). This is also my first attempt at making a costume, which was fun to figure out and make and I know how I might make it differently next time.

Josh's school is going very well. It's been fun for him to teach debate this year. He is also fully adjusted to his calling. I have signed up for my two classes next semester. I'm taking a Stage Management class and a Contemporary performance class which I am very excited for. My sister Anne will watch Brooklyn in the mornings while I go down to school, which we are grateful for.