Josh, Emily, Brook, Kristie, 40 Horse Cave, Nov 24, 2012

Friday, July 16, 2010

THE James Taylor and MISS Carole King--A-MAZ-ING!

For my birthday I got two tickets to see James Taylor (thank you Wallace's!) and the concert was last night. I cannot blame my tearing up 4 times to my pregger hormones because it was absolutely A-MAZ-ING and I would have cried anyway. Carole King sang some of my favorite songs of hers: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, You've Got to Get Up Me Tomorrow, You've Got to Get up Every Morning and Far Away. I had two JT songs in mind that I really, really wanted to hear and he sang both of them! Secret of Life and Close Your Eyes. Close Your Eyes was the last song they sang during their encore and the harmony was A-MAZ-ING. Could I say amazing any more? A-MAZ-ING!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Adventures of Independence Day

We had a very busy July 4th weekend...but we had a blast. Saturday we went up to Heber where we swam in the pool at my sisters condo complex, went to the Zermat Resort where we listened to a bluegrass band then watched fireworks from my uncle's house. It was fun.

Parker (nephew) is in the back and in the front, Lucas (nephew) is covering his eyes because he's crying. he cried the entire first ride because he didn't want to sit on an animal but a bench (seen below) which he rode on during the second ride.

Nick and Parker on the Carousel at the Zermat Resort in Heber. And, Josh and Lucas chill-laxing listening to the bluegrass band.

Here are some pics of the Annual Post Family Water Fight to the Death (but not literally)!!!!