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Friday, January 28, 2011

Poetry and beauty

Hello again.

This week I was in a Poetry Slam competition in one of my classes and out of 25 people I was the 1st runner up! (I should have won but the winning poem was about being a single, 23 and "not too old" girl; so with all young, single girl judges that poem won me out by 2 points.) I have never poetry slammed before but I decided to go all out. I wrote all three of my poems and had a blast performing them.

My Friday morning class has been moved to Thursday mornings which is nice; this way I don't go down to school on Fridays and I get to spend three entire days with Brook! She is growing so much: almost crawling and sitting up on her own, gabbering more and smiling so much it's blinding (like, her smile lights up the room...corny but very SAD for us with her around).

Josh's middle school team is undefeated so far and will face their rival tomorrow. It is exciting! Also, he had a great birthday week, if I do say so myself. On Monday we went ice skating in the middle of downtown Salt Lake and had a lot of fun. Wednesday we got pizza and watched the BYU vs San Diego game and BYU won just for Josh's b-day. Tonight, we are relaxing at home as a family. Love it!!

Enjoy a couple more videos and pics. The videos are sideways (Josh didn't know that if you hold our camera with the longest side up it films sideways...I love him...)

Josh with his b-day cake...

In honor of Josh's 30th birthday we had a 90s themed party. Josh and I went grunge (I did dark eyeliner even...), my sister Katie (front in t-shirt) wore her shirt that said "Everybody knows hover-boards don't work on water" (Back to the Future 2), Anne and Kellie sported the over-sized golf shirts, Nick wore flannel, and Melissa wore her Super Mario Bros 3 t-shirt. It was so much fun!
More of us!
Brook got into the party too--hippie shirt, hat and all her cuteness!

Brook in her swing. She figured out that she could lift up the lap-thingy with her feet and entertained herself, and Josh, for over 20 minute. She's so smart!

Me sledding with my nephews off my parents front porch, over the stairs, through the covered grass, down the ramp and onto the basketball court. I was out there with them for 45 mins. It was a blast!

Brook in Bath. We took this earlier this month--you'll like our attempt at modesty:). She continues to love bath time and I'm sure it will continue.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

January 2011 - School, Discovery, Fun

This new year brought new wonderful things for us. Josh started to teach school again, I started back at school (3 classes--I go to campus every day), and Brook started to roll; to talk more; to play with toys more; she's close to sitting up on her own more; she now grabs at your face when you hold her; she smiles and giggles all the time; she got her first flu but got better quickly; she grabs her feet while she's on her back and puts them in her other words, Brook is growing and it's wonderful! While I'm at school Brook spends the day with her aunt Anne and her cousin Luke. She made the transition from being with me all the time to being with Anne part of the time beautifully; me, not so beautifully (the first day of school I dropped her off, got back in my car and cried for about 20 seconds, took a deep breath and said "I can do this, she is safe and happy"...sigh....then off to school!).

Hello gorgeous!

Josh and I decided to give each other gifts for Christmas that did not cost any money; my gift was a morning of snowshoeing. We borrowed the snowshoes from my sister, Katie, and went up Milcreek Canyon to hike. It was so much fun! It was a gorgeous day with fog and beautiful scenery.

It was requested that we put up more pictures and videos of Brooklyn (never mind new pics and vids of us:P she's the cute one).
Brook fell asleep while eating one night holding her bottle.

Brook in her "workout gym". She loves this thing (thanks again to Tracy).

Napping on Josh's pillow before I wake her up
"Heeey!" This cute towel was given to us from a lady that works with Josh.

Love this cute pink dress! I had to take a pic of Brook in it.
Brook decided to do her Marilyn Monroe in "The Seven Year Itch" impersonation. Really she's getting a head start on holding up her dress like all little girls love to do...

This was a few weeks ago...Brook couldn't quite get use to sitting up in this chair.

She did, however, figure out that the chair is soft and nice to chew on (sorry it's blurry).

When Brook had the flu she snored for the first time...poor girl, but so cute!

This was last night (01/21/11) when we were changing her. She talks and tries to eat her foot at the same time!