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Friday, August 27, 2010

Having 3 Nonstress Test in one week...really not that stressfull

Well, Josh is about to finish is first week back at school with students and he is definitely ready for a weekend. It is always interesting to find the balance between school, calling and home, but it will work out fine. Josh's new calling (Executive Secretary in the ward) is keeping him occupied during some of his down time and we are able to catch up on watching some of our instant play list on NetFlix. Lately we've been watching "Pushing Daisies" which only lasted for two seasons but is one of my favorites shows.

This week I had three (that's right 3) Nonstress Tests because of the two vessel chord. On Monday afternoon we went in for our normal weekly appointment and everything went well. I received a call from my doctor's office Tuesday afternoon: the "on call" doctor wanted me to go in for another NST. Since we didn't get there until 5 we ended up going to Labor and Delivery for the test. At first, the nurse said that the doctor "wasn't pleased" with the results of the test but after we had the test and the doctor looked at it, the LD nurse told us the doctor did not feel comfortable signing off on a test done the day before (apparently they didn't get the NST results from Monday until Tuesday afternoon). But, everything went well. The doctor then said they want me to come in twice a week until I deliver for NSTs so I set up another appointment for yesterday (Thursday). Everything went well yet again and they even did a different test called a "biophysical profile" where they watch the baby using an ultrasound and monitor/count her movements. She passed with flying colors (they even gave me a picture of one of her ears...good to know she has at least one of those:)).

My doctor said that if I haven't delivered by my appointment on Monday we will set up a day for induction...but I hope my body can do this on its own.

I have to admit that I am a little apprehensive about the whole labor and deliver process, mostly because of the "unknowns." My biggest concern is whether or not my body really knows what to do and will go into labor on its own (which I hope it will). These next few days will be interesting. It will be a new experience unique to me, but I know it will be amazing at the same time. I know those of you who have gone through it know what I'm talking about. The unique "creative" ability of women is such an incredible thing and I feel blessed to be a part of it.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

4 weeks left!

36 weeks and counting...

Josh started work this week--he is doing a training to learn a new program that tests the writing ability of the students. It's been a long week as he has tried to get used to getting up early a few days in a row. I think it's good practice for him.

The 9th month of pregnancy has brought on more excitement, more tiredness, lower backaches and more swelling in my feet. Last night we were laughing about how my calf muscles seem to go straight down my leg, flow through my ankles and move all the way down to my toes. I have been working long days for two days now and have been getting home around 10 at night--my feet show us what a long day I have had. But, it's all good! I was trying to figure out a creative name to call the swelling and it's affect on my legs at night by combining calf-ankle-feet: cankles, feenankles,'s a work in progress.

We started Non-Stress Tests three weeks ago and they are going well. It requires me to sit on a comfortable reclined chair, drink juice and relax with two monitors on my belly, one for baby's heart rate/movement and one for contractions. At the beginning of each test they perform an ultrasound to measure the amniotic fluid which fluctuates each time we go in--each time it has been within the normal range--and it has been fun to see baby girl every week, or at least see as much as you can on an ultrasound. The first week the technician showed us her little face for a couple of minutes as she was facing out toward the sonogram. So cute! Every time we have gone in baby girl gets sleepy and does not move too much at the beginning of testing (one of the purposes of the test is to monitor her movements--they want at least 2 big movements to measure her heart rate). As a result of her sleepiness the technicians have different ways to "wake her up" and get her moving. Josh's favorite technique is what they call "the buzzer"--it is a little device that vibrates and makes a noise that they baby can hear inside the womb when it is pushed onto my belly. The first week they hit the button and baby girl went "bazerk" and moved for 5 minutes straight. It was funny to watch my belly move around and the monitors on my belly bump up and down. We'll be doing Non-Stress Tests every Monday until I deliver.

We have painted the baby's room and put up bead board to add some texture to the room. I think it looks fantastic! I'll post some pictures of it later so that you can see how it all turned out. We are starting to get things that we need for her little by little and everything is going well.

We are getting very excited for our new arrival. I have been preparing myself as best as I can for the things that I will be required to do (taking classes, reading up on things, talking to some friends) though I feel that nothing can really prepare me for what it will be like for me--but at least I have some idea. Josh is very supportive and just as excited to be a new father.