Josh, Emily, Brook, Kristie, 40 Horse Cave, Nov 24, 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Graduated and Hanging Out

I am now officially graduated from BYU (well as of April 20 almost 3 weeks ago): B.A. in Theatre Arts Education with a minor in Spanish Teaching.  Feels good.  I am currently looking for work in the secondary education realm, hopefully somewhere in the Salt Lake Valley.

I have been so excited and blessed to be able to spend so much time with my amazing offspring, Brooklyn.  She is such a joy in my life and she teaches me much every day.  Below are some images and videos from the past while.  Josh is included in it (though I'm sure he would not be too happy with the pics, but what is a loving wife for but to help you all experience the joys I experience with him).  The "caption" or explanation of the picture is underneath it.  Enjoy!

Josh grew out a full beard for over one month only to shave it to a mustache on friday May 4 for "Mustache May".  This is when he shaved off the mustache the next day and momentarily he had a "Hitler Stache".  My favorite part of the pic is Brook standing behind him looking rather confused and worried at the same time. 

I got the okay from my doc to golf so last Saturday we went to the driving range with my parents.  My mom, always prepared, had these pinwheels and here is grandpa and Brook taking a break. 

Brook is now trying to learn how to put on her own clothes, thus the shirt partway on her head.  Silly girl.

Today, May 9 we went to the Temple Quarry trail in Big Cottonwood canyon.  The river Brook is pointing at is snow runoff from the higher elevations.  It was gorgeous! 

I was cleaning in our bathroom and I came out to find Brooklyn with a bandana around her head and flipping through my mission letters binder.

Can you guess what we were having for lunch?  She was just so excited to eat that pizza.

"Our Little Golfer".  Brook was throwing the golf balls around until I gave her the putter.  So proud.

Today Brook decided to dance around with a unicorn I got for a white elephant over Christmas.  


  1. I love the videos. Pizza pizza pizza pizza. We do love our pizza! And that is one awesome unicorn!

  2. How fun. Love that pic of Josh and his poor confused and frightned daughter in the background. Brook is growing up so fast, is she ready to be the "Big Sis". Ready or not here she comes.... I am sure she will be a great big sister. They will be the best of friends. Love you guys. THanks for posting.
    Congrats on your Graduation! thats awesome.